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Wedding Insurance

For the big day in your life. Your wedding is a moment to savour, not to worry. Months and months of detailed planning go in for that one particular day and not to forget the amount of money invested. A study by a leading firm has estimated an average wedding in UK to cost around ₤ 17000 and that’s a lot of money. But what if disaster strikes? What if the bride or bridegroom falls ill or worse meets with an accident? What if other preparations go haywire? Fortunately, there is Wedding Insurance plans available in the market which protect you and your family from monetary loses due to any of the mishaps.

What is a Wedding Insurance plan?
As the name implies, wedding insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage to your wedding and financially protects you and your family against any misfortune caused due to natural or man-made calamities. By paying a small amount as premium to an insurance provider, you can insure you wedding and can help yourself with peace of mind on the big day.

Do you need a Wedding Insurance plan?
Well, the decision is a highly personal one but considering the money and efforts that go in for a wedding it is highly recommendable to insure your wedding. With so much money involved it makes sense to protect you against losses by opting for a wedding insurance plan.

What a typical Wedding Insurance policy covers?
It depends on the policy you take but on an average a typical wedding insurance plan covers you against losses due to:-
  • Natural calamities like flood, rain, earthquake, rain or bad weather
  • Important people getting sick or injured
  • If officiating people like minister or other celebrant don’t turn up for the show.
  • Vendors like caterers, florists etc., go missing.
  • Your wedding venue gets damaged due to fire, electric or other problems.
In addition to above, you can always add certain riders to your plan depending upon the situation. In case the bride and groom are in important services and are called on the national duty then the marriage gets postponed. You can recover the losses due to the above or similar incident by taking a rider against it. Similarly, you can take additional riders to protect losses due to damage to wedding gowns and tuxedos, theft and damage of gifts and postponement of honeymoon etc.

However, Wedding Insurance policies don’t cover postponement and cancellation of wedding to personal reasons or because of something which you knew will happen. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to read the offer document carefully before signing on the wedding insurance policy.

So, don’t put your biggest moment in life on to risk. Insure it and enjoy it.