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Yorkshire Bank

It is hard to imagine life without financial institutions which take care of our savings as well as lend us in times of need. Today this job is well performed by banks. Among many other banks we have the Yorkshire Bank in England and Wales. It is actually a division of Clydesdale bank and operates mostly in North of England. It has its headquarters in Leeds, England, UK. It was founded in the year 1859. The bank prospered in business as it profits in 2006 rose 16.7 per cent.

Various services are provided by the Yorkshire Bank. It offers both private and business banking. In these days of busy schedule it offers internet banking and anyone can apply online for opening an account. The various types of accounts are Instant saving account, saving account plus, term deposit, 40 day notice account, current account plus which gives you more, a student account and much more. Child saving bond, child trust fund lets you mobilize your child’s savings.

An easy and safe option to earn more on your savings is the Cash ISA (individual saving account) as one can deposit up to 3600 pounds tax-free each tax year. The account can be opened with as little as 10 pounds and as we do not pay tax on interest earned we could transfer savings from elsewhere to a Cash ISA. Deposit can be an annual lump sum or regular deposits and the system of interest rates are tiered.

Besides just parking savings it offers Mortgages and it is the right bank for mortgages. It has been voted as the ‘Best Regional mortgage lender’. Have competitive mortgages and re-mortgages and be mortgage free faster with the help of offset mortgage, current account mortgage and flexible payment mortgage. Also Spanish mortgage available. There are both fixed rate and tracker options for mortgages. Personal loans and car finance are easily available and there is repayment protection insurance in case of problems in repayment.

Your life can be secured by the insurance covers provided by the Yorkshire Bank. Car, home, travel can be insured. The premiums are competitive and flexible. You could also quote online for fast protection. Travel has been made easier. 0% commission on foreign currency and travellers cheques. Pre-paid travel card gets you easier access to money and is better than traveller’s cheques. Around 1 million ATMs all over the world leads to fast cash wherever you want it. Insurance cover for accidents, life and critical illness are also offered. Spend as much as you have through your gold master cards, standard master card.

The Yorkshire Bank makes you a better investor with its financial planning services as plunging into the future is not safe and is uncertain. The expert financial planners helps you with strategies on how to fulfil your savings and retirement goals, to balance your investments and protect your wealth. So make the right investments for you and your loved ones.