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Yorkshire Building Society

The Yorkshire Building Society besides being the third largest building society in the United Kingdom is headquartered in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. They have been offering a range of financial services within the United Kingdom and have a strong sense of mutuality, a trait common among many organisations offering finance related services. The present name of Yorkshire Building society has come into being after the merger of west Yorkshire Building society and the Huddersfield and Bradford Building society.

The Yorkshire building society offer many financial products and services ranging from banking solutions, mutual funds to Mortgages and accounts services. The products include investments, credit cards, conveyance, savings, insurances and loans. Having an employee base of around 2,513, they organisation consists of experienced professionals who offer specialised client centric advice. They have 131 branches and many associated agencies which operate within the country. It is the continued expertise with which they have served customers that has made them one of the most trusted building societies in England.

The Yorkshire Building Society has come up with some specialised accounts categories which serve a larger segment of customers. Online accounts and easy access accounts have a postal saving and an ebond scheme. The tax free savings scheme ensures that the savings are exempted from the tax which maximises your investment returns. It also encourages clients to increase their investments by offering the tax exemption as a lucrative factor to attract more capital as well as clients. With the finances and economy of a country being dynamic, it is becoming more and more important for children to gain awareness of the way in which money has to be handles. Yorkshire Building Society introduces childrenÂ’s accounts. The one day account, the treasure bond and the child trust fund helps you save for your child and also help educate him about money matters.

Share dealing and share plans are some other services provided by the expert employees of the Yorkshire Building Society. Besides this, the society also gives valuable advice on Mortgage options.

An easy online application makes it simpler for the customers to establish a long lasting relationship with the Yorkshire Building Society. Interest rates can be compared for different types of accounts online. The Yorkshire building society is governed the banking code which monitors the performance of the organisation from time to time to ensure that it complies with the international standards set for the financial institutions.