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Zurich Home Insurance

Zurich is the insurance provider in United Kingdom with more than 125 years of experience. The Zurich Insurance is known for competitive prices, commitment to the cause and great customer service.

Claim advisers at the company are available 24x7 for all the 365 days of the year. Claims can be made through online chat, email, through broker or by phone. Quality is the aim of Zurich and high quality standards are maintained by the company.

While looking for value added services in Home Insurance always opt for Zurich Home Insurance because the company does not cut any benefits in the cover for home insurance. Instead it cuts down on insurance costs.

The benefits offered by the company Zurich are no claims discount of 25%. The damages claimed can be from fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood. Accidental damages to equipments inside the house like TV, hi fi DVD and video equipment, recent inclusions to the list are satellite receivers and set top boxes. Special cover is provided up to £2,500 for previous items inside the house. There is a cover of Up to £10,000 for equipments used in business if the policyholder has any reducing the cost of a separate business cover.

Months of December and January and a month before and after the wedding of the policyholder or his family member the insured sum is increased by £5,000 to ensure that the presents are safe.

With all these benefits available any homeowner would choose Zurich Home Insurance and provide safety for their homes.